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galaxy vinyl tablecloths

Galaxy Vinyl Tablecloths


Our 6 gauge Galaxy Vinyl Tablecloths are our most popular vinyl tablecloths. However, when it comes to protecting your tabletop in style, Bright Settings carries four different thicknesses of vinyl (3, 6, 10, and 13 gauges) in several solid colors and prints. Gauge is simply the thickness of the vinyl tablecloth measured in thousandths of an inch. In... More

Cabana Stripe Tablecloths

Cabana Stripe Tablecloths


Who wouldn't want to spend a day (or two) on the beach under a cozy cabana? Well, Bright Settings can't build you a beachside hut, but we can provide you with fabulous Cabana Stripe tablecloths in 14 "beachy" colors. We make it easy to add a splash of color to your poolside tables with our fun, festive 3"-wide stripes. If you're planning... More


Glimmer can be defined as a tiny glint of light or as a sliver of an idea. At Bright Settings, it is defined as our sparkling Glimmer tablecloths! It shimmers, twinkles, and flickers in 14 glorious colors. And we have more than a glimmer of hope that you'll love this glamorous fabric as much as we do!... More


Flame Resistant Tablecloths


Did you know that you can rent or purchase flame resistant tablecloths from Bright Settings. You may not know this either, but flame resistant table linens are now required at many venues including churches, restaurants, banquet halls, and trade shows. If you are renting a hall for a wedding reception or exhibiting at a trade show, you may be obliged to... More

Open Box Deals Feature

Here at Bright Settings, Open Box Deals refer to the resale of brand new table linens that have been returned to us unused. We offer very deep discounts on returned merchandise - at least 50% off the regular price! Our ongoing Open Box Deals promotion is a win-win for everybody involved—our customers, and us! We have a very liberal returns policy. If, by... More


It's time for the Fall 2016 Pantone Colors. This year's fall palette includes gorgeous shades of blue, red, taupes, golds, greens, and grays. Bright Settings offers many of these same colors in table linen. Of course, the colors go by different names. Below you can see Pantone's top ten autumn colors alongside the tablecloth fabrics that most closely match them.... More

animal print tablecloths

Animal Print Tablecloths


Animal prints are all the rage. From clothes and shoes to home deco, wild animal prints are everywhere. And, why not? Mother Nature is the best artist on the planet. If you have an animal theme going on in your house or are even thinking about the possibility, check out our collection of Animal Print Tablecloths.... More

Recipes for awesome no bake summer desserts that you have to try!

There is nothing worse than heating up your kitchen in the summer. Try one of these no bake summer desserts for a refreshing burst of sweetness that requires no oven at all. These desserts are perfect for those long summer days! Start with this strawberry shortcake trifle which almost looks too good to eat! Almost. Want... More

10 lemonade recipes feature

10 Lemonade Recipes


Lemonade recipes make the perfect summer drink. Try one of these ten great ideas for mixing up lemonade on a hot summer day. You are sure to find a recipe your entire family will love. We have classic lemonade, some mixed up combinations, and frozen lemonade as well. You are sure to stay cool this summer... More

mondrian tablecloth-feature

Mondrian Art may not be a familiar term to those of us who were not Art majors, but I 'm sure you've seen it before. I cheekily refer to the Mondrian style as "The Partridge Family Bus" form of art. Whenever I see it, I start humming that little earworm from my childhood . . . “Travelin’ along, there’s... More

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