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multicolor chevron tablecloth feature

Introducing the newest member of Bright Settings' custom tablecloth collection - the fun and fantastic Multicolor Chevron Tablecloth! Isn't it awesome? Chevrons are as hot as ever. The pattern is a true classic that never grows old. Chevron's vivid v-shaped design has a huge impact in any room. And despite being a bold design - or maybe because of it - the... More


Autumn couldn't be any prettier in Pennsylvania this year. The colors are magnificent outdoors and I love to bring them indoors as often as I can. With that in mind, tonight I'm setting my table with the help of a pretty autumn leaf napkin fold. Autumn Leaf Napkin Fold Step #1: Starch your napkin. This step is... More

Pumpkin Napkin Fold feature

Pumpkin Napkin Fold Tutorial


Here's an easy pumpkin napkin fold that would look great on your Halloween, Thanksgiving, and autumn dining room table. You don't need any special supplies; just a napkin, a napkin ring, and a pickle. And if you don't happen to have any napkin rings handy, you can make your own by cutting up a cardboard... More


Do you love decorating for autumn as much as I do? It's my favorite time of year for sprucing up the house because I absolutely love the colors and holidays of fall. At Bright Settings, we have both Halloween and autumn tablecloths that would make the perfect starting point to decorate your dining room table this fall. First up... More


You're really going to like these Halloween tablecloths that were designed by two of our employees here at Bright Settings. Our sales manager, Eileen, found copyright-free Halloween images on the internet and sent them to Chuck, our graphic artist. He put the images together and sent the artwork off to the table linen printshop. One... More

galaxy vinyl tablecloths

Galaxy Vinyl Tablecloths


Our 6 gauge Galaxy Vinyl Tablecloths are our most popular vinyl tablecloths. However, when it comes to protecting your tabletop in style, Bright Settings carries four different thicknesses of vinyl (3, 6, 10, and 13 gauges) in several solid colors and prints. Gauge is simply the thickness of the vinyl tablecloth measured in thousandths of an inch. In... More

Cabana Stripe Tablecloths

Cabana Stripe Tablecloths


Who wouldn't want to spend a day (or two) on the beach under a cozy cabana? Well, Bright Settings can't build you a beachside hut, but we can provide you with fabulous Cabana Stripe tablecloths in 14 "beachy" colors. We make it easy to add a splash of color to your poolside tables with our fun, festive 3"-wide stripes. If you're planning... More


Glimmer can be defined as a tiny glint of light or as a sliver of an idea. At Bright Settings, it is defined as our sparkling Glimmer tablecloths! It shimmers, twinkles, and flickers in 14 glorious colors. And we have more than a glimmer of hope that you'll love this glamorous fabric as much as we do!... More


Flame Resistant Tablecloths


Did you know that you can rent or purchase flame resistant tablecloths from Bright Settings. You may not know this either, but flame resistant table linens are now required at many venues including churches, restaurants, banquet halls, and trade shows. If you are renting a hall for a wedding reception or exhibiting at a trade show, you may be obliged to... More

Open Box Deals Feature

Here at Bright Settings, Open Box Deals refer to the resale of brand new table linens that have been returned to us unused. We offer very deep discounts on returned merchandise - at least 50% off the regular price! Our ongoing Open Box Deals promotion is a win-win for everybody involved—our customers, and us! We have a very liberal returns policy. If, by... More

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