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Medallion Tablecloth


You are going to like the big, bold patterns on Bright Setting's newest tablecloth fabric called Medallion. I think this fabric is fabulous. Just think of the decorating possibilities. A Medallion tablecloth would look fantastic on a table set with bright, solid-colored dinner plates along with a large-scale centerpiece. Being a quilter, this lovely Medallion tablecloth fabric brings to... More

Velveteen Tablecloths

I love everything about velvet - except the price. That's why Velveteen is the perfect choice when it comes to decorating your home. It has all the luxury of velvet at a fraction of the cost. And, as luck would have it, Bright Settings now has Velveteen tablecloths! Velveteen tablecloths come in four luscious colors: scarlet, pine,... More


How do you like Bright Settings' new Sketch tablecloths? Aren't they fabulous? They make me want to play tic-tac-toe;-) This sketched line design is bold, yet understated. The negative space emphasizes the cross-hatched grid's simplicity. The contemporary design would look spectacular in a minimalist kitchen. Choose silver or gray for the artwork on a clean, white background and you have yourself... More

matrix tablecloths feature image

How do you like the new Matrix Tablecloths available only at Bright Settings? Shown above are just a few combinations we've put together to show the versatility of this geometric design. The interlocking grid work is reminiscent of Celtic knots. It's both modern and classic at the same time! That means this design will look... More


As the famous designer Marc Jacobs once said, "There is never a wrong time for polka dots." That's because polka dots never go out of style! And if you like little dots, you'll absolutely LOVE big dots! And you're in luck because Bright Settings now has big dot polka dot tablecloths featuring, what else . . .... More

tablecloths make great gifts feature

All of us have hard-to-buy-for people on our Christmas list. Have you ever considered giving a fabric tablecloth? Fabric tablecloths make great gifts for folks who like to entertain or who appreciate fine home furnishings. Tablecloths also make great bridal shower and wedding gifts because newlyweds don't often have well-stocked linen closets. Table linen is... More

camo tablecloths feature

Wondering what to get that outdoorsy guy on your Christmas list who has everything? Well, I bet he doesn't have a camouflage tablecloth for his hunting camp! Thankfully, Bright Settings has three different camo tablecloths to choose from. Traditional Woodland Camo, Desert Camo, and Snow Camo. I know it's kind of sexist of me to use... More


The Standing Rosebud Napkin Fold is perfect for when you want your folded napkins to stand up at each place setting. What's more, you can put all sorts of different decorative elements inside making this versatile napkin fold good for all seasons! It can also hold treats for your guest, so it doubles as a... More

bread basket napkin fold tutorial

I love everything about damask fabrics - especially the fact that they're reversible. Bright Settings' Kaleidoscope Damask table linen fabric is no exception. These gorgeous tablecloths come in nine vibrant colors featuring a modern spiral dot pattern. And because it's reversible, it's the perfect choice for an easy Bread Basket Napkin Fold. Damask (pronounced with the emphasis on... More

multicolor chevron tablecloth feature

Introducing the newest member of Bright Settings' custom tablecloth collection - the fun and fantastic Multicolor Chevron Tablecloth! Isn't it awesome? Chevrons are as hot as ever. The pattern is a true classic that never grows old. Chevron's vivid v-shaped design has a huge impact in any room. And despite being a bold design - or maybe because of it - the... More

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