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Jinnie Templin

Jinnie Templin

Jinnie is the Marketing Strategist at Bright Settings. She geeks out over all things social media, and spends much of her time browsing the internet for fresh new ideas. Jinnie finds crafting therapeutic and has been trying to bring some of her craftiness to the table top on the Bright Ideas blog. She's often been referred to as a "social butterfly," and in her free time, she enjoys cooking for friends as well as hosting parties and get-togethers-- she's always looking to try out a new recipe.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle with Table Linens

Earth Day is being celebrated on April 22, 2013, and in honor of the holiday, I wanted to share some tips for how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle the table linen way. Reduce Reduce waste by switching from paper napkins and cheap plastic table coverings to washable cloth napkins and tablecloths. Fabric table linens may... More

Table Skirting from Bright Settings

Table Skirts

Table skirts are a great way to give tables a formal look and are often used instead of floor length tablecloths. Because our table skirts are sold by the foot, you can customize how much of your table's perimeter is skirted-- whether its the whole table or just a couple of sides. Table skirting is... More

Anton Chekhov on manners around the dinner table

Table Talk: Anton Chekhov

Accidents happen, and spilling sauce on the tablecloth seems inevitable. Anton Chekhov's thought about a good upbringing reminds that accidents will always happen, but how we handle them (or choose not to notice them) is what matters most.

Order a tablecloth with an umbrella hole in any fabric

Yes, we can! Generally, most of our customers choose to have umbrella holes put in their vinyl tablecloths, but we can put an umbrella hole in any tablecloth (vinyl is just the most popular outdoor tablecloth option.) To order a vinyl tablecloth with an umbrella hole, simply go to the vinyl product page you're interested... More

Vinyl Tablecloths make great table coverings for outdoor tables and furniture

The weather is slowly but surely warming up. The ground is thawing out, and the sun is peeking out from behind thunderstorm clouds instead of snow clouds here in Northwestern PA. After several months of bundling up just to retrieve the mail, it's always a relief when the final snow melts and the grills start... More

Table Talk from chef and restaurateur Michael Symon

Even famous food lovers recognize that what's around your dinner table is just as important, if not more important, than what's on the dinner table. Share your favorite dinner table memory in the comments.

Bows, Self-Tie Sashes, and Bagel chair accessories available from Bright Settings

Along with various styles of chair covers, we also sell and rent chair accessories. Our chair accessories include bows with elastic bands, self-tie sashes and what we call bagels. You can find the fabric options available for chair accessories by scrolling over the "Chair Covers" option on the "Table Linen Sales" menu ("Chair Accessories" is... More

"Never argue at the dinner table, for the one who is not hungry always gets the best of the argument." - Richard Whately

A little wisdom about how to keep your wits at the dinner table on April Fool's Day (and every other day of the year): Happy April Fool's Day! May your day be filled with only the best kinds of foolishness.

Order square corner placemats, mitered corner placemats , or wedge shaped placemats.

How to Order Placemats

Many of our fabrics can be made into placemats. To see which fabrics are available for placemats, click on the "Table Linen Sales" menu and select "Placemats". After selecting a fabric, you'll need to pick a shape and edge finish for your placemats. All placemats have three layers: a piece of fabric on the top,... More

Remove ink stains from table linens with rubbing alcohol

This week's spring cleaning experiment was to remove ink stains from table linens using household items. I tested five commonly suggested remedies for removing ink stains: hair spray, nail polish remover, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and hand sanitizer. Because ink stains can bleed, many of the treatment options suggested laying a towel down underneath the stain... More

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