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Kim Templin

Kim Templin

Kim manages the rental service at Bright Settings Inc. In her free time, Kim quilts. She invented a special quilting ruler called the Double Diamond Ruler® that can be seen at She not only makes quilts, but she teaches quilting, quilts for charity, and is the president of her local quilt guild. Kim is the proud mom of 5 kids, all of whom are above-average;-) Her husband, Marc, and the kids all love Kim's cooking, which she does a lot of. She is patiently waiting for grandchildren.

fireworks tablecloth feature image

Oooooh. Ahhhhh. That's what your guests will say when they see your new Fireworks Tablecloth from Bright Settings. It's the perfect table covering for your Fourth of July bash. Heck, it can be used all year long - Memorial Day, Flag Day, Veterans Day, New Years Eve - any time you want to celebrate with a bang. We... More

Nothing under the sun has ever captured the hearts and minds of artists like the humble flower. Be they stylized or realistic, the ubiquitous flower is a never-ending source of artistic inspiration, no matter what the medium. Here are three new large flower tablecloths from Bright Settings that will turn your dining room table into a... More

Last Straw Tablecloths Feature Image

Last Straw Tablecloths

"That was the Last Straw!" How many times have you heard that phrase? It comes from the old proverb "It was the last straw that broke the camel's back." Well, Last Straw Tablecloths won't break the camel's back - or your piggy bank either! This brand new tablecloth from Bright Settings is memorable not just for its catchy name, but... More

large butterfly tablecloth feature image

Large Butterfly tablecloths make my heart all aflutter! Have you ever seen such a pretty print? I can hardly wait for my new summery tablecloth to arrive. I know it will look sensational on my round dining room table under my bright, solid-colored dishes. And I'll get exactly the size and shape I need because, at... More

potofino tablecloth feature image

I must confess. I had to google Portofino and Alhambra to find out where on earth they were located. I had a vague notion that they were in Europe or maybe the Mediterranean, but my geography was a little iffy. Now that I've found out more about these ancient cities, I can see where these two beautiful tablecloth... More

stripe tablecloths feature

Stripes, stripes, and more stripes, I never met a stripe I didn't like;-) I especially like these three, brand new stripe tablecloths from Bright Settings. Now with custom printing, no matter what color or how wide a stripe you want, we have virtually any tablecloth your little heart desires. Stripes are fairly straight forward when it... More

I spent the weekend taking down all my snowman decorations and replacing them with Easter decor. I normally don't get excited about housework, especially spring cleaning, but freshening up the house with spring-themed trimmings made this yearly chore darn near pleasant. What a glorious time I had putting out pastel-colored quilts and fresh cut flowers. My favorite part of this... More

Easter Egg Tablecloth feature

Easter Egg tablecloths are brand new and available only at Bright Settings. That's because this fabric is an in-house custom print. And because it's custom, you can make your tablecloth any color you want! The three sample Easter Egg tablecloths shown here have background colors of pink, green, and white. However, you can choose any background color you... More

Patch tablecloth

Bright Settings' introduces three fresh tablecloths just int time for spring! You'll love the light and airy designs and the springtime colors - which are totally customizable, by the way. First up, Twig. Just look out the window in April and you'll see what inspired this lovely print. Twig tablecloths would be perfect for bridal... More

Shamrock Gingham tablecloths combine two charming designs. Gingham checks are always popular.  Just add shamrocks inside the plaid design and you have yourself a winning combo, and just in time for St. Patrick's Day. Shamrock Gingham Tablecloths The word "gingham" is of unknown origin. Linguists entertain several theories about where the name originated. It may have come from France, England, or... More

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