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Black Palms tablecloths

Black Palms Tablecloths


Bright Settings' newest custom tablecloth is called Black Palms. It's the perfect table covering for a tropical themed party or a modern sunroom. And since this is a custom print, you get to choose the colors! So instead of Black Palms tabelcloths, maybe you will call your customized tablecloth Chartreuse Palms or Fuchsia Palms, or maybe even... More

Tuscany Tablecloths


Tuscany tablecloths from Bright Settings are bellisimo (beautiful;-). They're adorned with olives and olive leaves, making them the perfect addition to an outdoor summer soiree or an Italian dinner party. And since this is a custom print, you get to choose all the colors! Tuscany is a region in central Italy known for its wines, cheeses, and... More


Bright Settings' newest tablecloth, Napa Valley, is the perfect table adornment for your next wine and cheese party. The lovely print features not only grapes, but other flora found in this beautiful region of northern California such as apples, plums, along with luscious green foliage. The muted tones in Napa Valley tablecloths add color to any table without being overpowering. The... More

Abstract Art Tablecloths Feature

There is something undeniably compelling about abstract art. These three new abstract art tablecloths from Bright Settings - Leaf, Whirlwind, and Ring Toss - are undeniably compelling too. They are the perfect complement to today's modern decor which is characterized by minimalism and neutral colors. Instead of realistic depictions, abstract art uses shapes, textures, and colors to... More

Veranda Majestic Tablecloths Feature

What comes to mind when you hear the word "veranda?" I imagine myself unwinding on a porch swing, enjoying a tall glass of lemonade while a sweet, honeysuckle-filled breeze cools my skin. I love everything about verandas. As a matter of fact, if I was ever to design my dream home, a wrap-around veranda would be on my "must-have" list.... More

Vintage Chevron tablecloth feature

Vintage Chevron. Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it? Chevrons have a modern sensibility. They're not usually associated with vintage. But when you print chevrons on faux burlap, that's exactly what you get - modern Vintage Chevron tablecloths that looks fabulous in all kinds of settings! Now, I'm not going to get into the whole semantics controversy - is... More

fireworks tablecloth feature image

Oooooh. Ahhhhh. That's what your guests will say when they see your new Fireworks Tablecloth from Bright Settings. It's the perfect table covering for your Fourth of July bash. Heck, it can be used all year long - Memorial Day, Flag Day, Veterans Day, New Years Eve - any time you want to celebrate with a bang. We... More


Nothing under the sun has ever captured the hearts and minds of artists like the humble flower. Be they stylized or realistic, the ubiquitous flower is a never-ending source of artistic inspiration, no matter what the medium. Here are three new large flower tablecloths from Bright Settings that will turn your dining room table into a... More

Last Straw Tablecloths Feature Image

Last Straw Tablecloths


"That was the Last Straw!" How many times have you heard that phrase? It comes from the old proverb "It was the last straw that broke the camel's back." Well, Last Straw Tablecloths won't break the camel's back - or your piggy bank either! This brand new tablecloth from Bright Settings is memorable not just for its catchy name, but... More

large butterfly tablecloth feature image

Large Butterfly tablecloths make my heart all aflutter! Have you ever seen such a pretty print? I can hardly wait for my new summery tablecloth to arrive. I know it will look sensational on my round dining room table under my bright, solid-colored dishes. And I'll get exactly the size and shape I need because, at... More

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