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Fall Decor


Autumn couldn't be any prettier in Pennsylvania this year. The colors are magnificent outdoors and I love to bring them indoors as often as I can. With that in mind, tonight I'm setting my table with the help of a pretty autumn leaf napkin fold. Autumn Leaf Napkin Fold Step #1: Starch your napkin. This step is... More

Pumpkin Napkin Fold feature

Pumpkin Napkin Fold Tutorial


Here's an easy pumpkin napkin fold that would look great on your Halloween, Thanksgiving, and autumn dining room table. You don't need any special supplies; just a napkin, a napkin ring, and a pickle. And if you don't happen to have any napkin rings handy, you can make your own by cutting up a cardboard... More


Do you love decorating for autumn as much as I do? It's my favorite time of year for sprucing up the house because I absolutely love the colors and holidays of fall. At Bright Settings, we have both Halloween and autumn tablecloths that would make the perfect starting point to decorate your dining room table this fall. First up... More


After you buy beautiful napkins for your Thanksgiving table from Bright Settings, you may want to make some great looking Thanksgiving napkin rings to go with them. I've rounded up 18 of my favorite Thanksgiving napkin ring DIY tutorials for your crafting pleasure. They are all easy, and they won't break the bank. Heck, most of them... More


In the autumn, I love to decorate with pheasant feathers. The striped markings of the plumage look so gorgeous when combined with dried flowers, grasses, and other natural elements. Here are a dozen beautiful pheasant feather floral arrangements. Some of them come with complete instructions so you can make your own, some include tips and hints for... More

Modern Thanksgiving Tablescapes Feature

Are you growing a bit tired of traditional rustic decor on your Thanksgiving table? Why not try a modern approach? Instead of relying on customary autumn colors, try a fresh, new, edgy palette. Include a liberal dose of metallics. Mix natural elements with lustrous decor items. Use monochromatic color schemes for a polished look. Layer with a profusion of unexpected, eclectic... More


24 Pumpkin Flower Vases


  I love the idea of hollowing out pumpkins and turning them into flower vases. I've rounded up two dozen of my favorite flower arrangements using pumpkin vases. Some of them provide tutorials for how to cut the pumpkin. Some of them have instructions for arranging the flowers. All of them furnish inspiration for your fall decorating. Which one of... More

spider web decorations for Halloween

  Do you know the definition of a spider web? It's a thing you walk into that suddenly turns you into a karate master. Ha! I've been known to do that, haven't you? If you'd like to make some karate-inspiring spider web decorations for around your house this Halloween, check out these 13 spooky tutorials I've rounded up. Whether you plan... More


Last week, I rounded up a dozen ghost decorations, but this week, it's mummy time. These mummy decorations use some obvious and some not-so-obvious materials. You'd expect to see first aid gauze and cheesecloth strips in these mummy tutorials, but how about white party streamers? Check out these great mummy decorations tutorials: These mummy candy cans from HGTV make... More


Ghosts are a great motif to decorate around at Halloween. The classic white-with-black color scheme looks great alongside the bold colors of the holiday. Here are a dozen tutorials for making Halloween ghost decorations that pack a big punch for very little time and money. Love and Laundry blogger, Shatzi, has a great tutorial for an easy floating ghost. Did... More

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