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Last week I wrote a blog about New Year's Eve Party Printables for Adults. This week, it's all about New Year's Eve Party Printables for Kids. I've rounded-up 10 printables geared toward the younger crowd that will make party planning easy this New Year's Eve. These activities and games are not only fun for the kids, but they'll... More


If you're hosting a New Year's Eve party this year, jazz it up with fun games, cute invitations, and cool decorations. Here are ten New Year's Eve Party Printables that are appropriate for an adult party (although none of them would be considered risqué.) Next week, I'll post some printables that are kid-friendly. First, you need invitations. Desiree... More


It's awfully hard for kids to sit still at the Christmas Eve dinner, especially when they're relegated to the kids' table. This year, don't make the kids' table the place where the munchkins HAVE to sit. Make it the place where they GET to sit. With a little preparation, your rug rats may even sit down for longer than 5 minutes and give... More

Wine Glass Christmas Decorations Feature

Do you have a few mismatched wine glasses in your cupboard? Why not turn them into beautiful Christmas decorations? Here are a dozen tutorials that show you how to make unique, festive wine glass Christmas decorations. Cretique shows you how to make the perfect DIY wine glass centerpiece. Turn the glasses upside-down, add greenery and berries under the bowl... More

10 christmas napkin tutorials feature

10 Christmas Napkin Tutorials


It's the little touches that mean the most. This busy holiday season, take a few extra minutes to show your dinner guests how much they mean to you by setting a pretty table. You could get started by incorporating a cute napkin fold or napkin ring. Here are ten Christmas napkin tutorials to show you how.... More


Santa belts make a great decorating motif. They're easily recognizable with their bold, red and black geometric shapes. Plus they appeal to kids and adults alike. Here are tutorials for 18 DIY Santa Belt Decorations that you can make yourself this Christmas. Here's a cute little Santa suit hand towel from Oh My Crafts that requires no... More

Christmas vase feature iage

Sometimes a vase can be as pretty as the flowers inside. This Christmas, turn a simple container into a beautiful flower vase by following one of these tutorials. Any of these Christmas vases would look wonderful as a centerpiece or make a great gift this holiday season. Karen from Sew Many Ways shows how to turn a coffee can... More

Upcycled Sweater Christmas Decorations Feature Image

If you have old sweaters in your closet that you don't wear anymore, don't throw them away. Check out all these great holiday decorations you can make with them. If you don't have any sweaters you're willing to part with, head to your local thrift store. After you see these tutorials, I know you'll be inspired to... More

Candy Cane Decorations Feature Image

The iconic red and white stripes of a candy cane can put a smile on the faces of the young and old alike. Candy cane decorations make the perfect holiday motif because they're so sweet and satisfying, even if they're never eaten! What's more, they're inexpensive. You can get a box of 10 or 12 for under a dollar.... More


Styrofoam balls make a great base for Christmas ornaments. Styrofoam is so forgiving and easy to work with that you're virtually assured crafting success. Mishaps are easy to undo. These 21 tutorials for styrofoam ball Christmas ornaments  are all quick and easy to make. Many of them are even suitable for kids. Do you have a knitter or crocheter in your... More

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