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iced coffee recipe feature image

Most people eat lighter in warm weather than they do in cold, making summer the perfect time to indulge in iced coffee drinks. Here are five sinfully delicious iced coffee recipes to make at home, all for a fraction of the price you'd pay at a coffeehouse. To keep drinks cold without diluting the flavors,... More

Low-fat dips for the 4th of July

Independence Day just isn't complete without a selection of festive finger foods and tasty dips. If you're watching your weight, fatty, sour cream-based dips are a diet disaster. Luckily, you don't have to avoid dips entirely - just mix up one of these delicious, low-fat dip recipes to share with family and friends at your... More

Recipes for awesome no bake summer desserts that you have to try!

There is nothing worse than heating up your kitchen in the summer. Try one of these no bake summer desserts for a refreshing burst of sweetness that requires no oven at all. These desserts are perfect for those long summer days! Start with this strawberry shortcake trifle which almost looks too good to eat! Almost. Want... More

10 lemonade recipes feature

10 Lemonade Recipes


Lemonade recipes make the perfect summer drink. Try one of these ten great ideas for mixing up lemonade on a hot summer day. You are sure to find a recipe your entire family will love. We have classic lemonade, some mixed up combinations, and frozen lemonade as well. You are sure to stay cool this summer... More

Savory Hand Pie Recipes Feature

My last blog post,  12 Sweet Hand Pie Recipes, was such a hit that I decided to gather some savory hand pie recipes too. Not only are hand pies perfect for meal time, these little beauties are perfect for packing in picnic baskets, lunch pails, or served on party trays. Green Chile Chicken Hand Pies - Dan from MANtitlement started with... More

12 sweet hand pie recipes feature image

12 Sweet Hand Pie Recipes


Sweet hand pies are easy to eat and  easy to serve. And, you just won't believe how easy they are to make. Here are a dozen sweet hand pie recipes that your family will love. Blackberry Babe knows her way around a blackberry. For these delightful hand pies, she's combined her favorite berry with peaches. Sally's Baking... More


In anticipation of Pi Day coming up on 3.14, I surfed the web for some unique pot pie recipes. Now, don't get me wrong. I love grandma's old-fashioned chicken pot pie made with traditional pie crusts, but my family likes me to switch things up once in awhile. So, here are a dozen pot pie recipes that feature... More

mini pie recipe feature

I'm a former math teacher, so I like to celebrate Pi Day every year on March 14. Do you vaguely remember pi from Geometry class? It's value is approximately 3.14, thus Pi Day is celebrated on 3/14. When I was teaching, I made several pies to share with the students who scored 100% on their Geometry tests... More

Leap Year Frog Party Food Ideas feature

What is a frog's favorite time? Leap year, of course. (Did you find my frog joke absolutely ribbetting?) Okay, I'll stop now, but you gotta admit . . . frogs are fun. And frogs make a great theme for a party, especially for leap year. There are all kinds of fun leap year frog party games (which I'll... More

Sweet Monkey Bread Recipes

Sweet Monkey Bread Recipes


Last month's Tear & Share Recipes article was so popular that I decided to dedicate a whole blog post to the sweet Tear & Share dessert known as Monkey Bread. Traditional Monkey Bread is a sticky, gooey pastry made by coating small pieces of sweet bread dough with butter, cinnamon and sugar then baking them in a bundt pan. Monkey Bread is served warm... More

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